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             23 June, 2018

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How to Start a Successful Business

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2007-09-12 17:43:47     
Article by CJ Carter

In order to start a successful business, you need to keep several things in mind. Don't reinvent the wheel. Be patient. Work hard. Never give up. Treat people good who deserve it and never relent. Those are the basic principles of any business. Any tips or insight you get along the line will not work if you ignore any of those principles.

The biggest part of any business is your client base. It is better to have a store full of customers and little product that the greatest product in the world with no customers. Any person you run into can become a customer so make it a habit to get the contact information of everyone that you meet. If you collected 5 names and phone numbers every day for a month then you'd have at least 150 people you could call about a given item. Not all of them will buy but a good bit of them will because they are pre-qualified clients. They already have some type of relationship with you.

Many people don't understand how to create a cash flow. A cash flow is created by influencing a group of people to give you money. That's it. So how do you do that? First off once you finish reading this article you have to get up and get outside. Mingle and meet people. When you mingle you get an opportunity to share your ideas with people. All things great begin with an idea. If you aren't sharing your ideas with people how can you ever expect anything great to happen. You can't because it won't. But if you get up and get out and start talking with people and trading phone numbers things begin to take off.

Never second guess yourself. Even if you are on the brink of defeat, never for one second, second guess yourself or you've already lost. At one point in my life I was homeless. I never let that deter me. These days I have residences in multiple parts of the United States. I never gave up. I never let anyone tell me no. Even when I was homeless I expected people to treat me like a king. It sounds insane but that's the way you have to think in order to make your business work. You have to be successful and act successful long before the dollars rack up. People don't start making millions when they hit the six zero mark in their bank account. They train themselves in a certain thought pattern and the dollars are just a bi product of their thoughts and actions.

Stay loyal to whom you do business with. Think about your neighborhood grocery store. As long as you've been shopping there they've had the same brand(s) of milk. They've probably had all kinds of problems from missed shipments, to spoiled milk coming from the dairy where they buy their milk from. But that's business. A good business never stops doing business with another business because they make a mistake. No business is 100%. But good business' correct their mistakes. As long as you a working with a business that corrects it's mistakes you will always make money together.

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