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             18 January, 2019

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America - United We Stand Divided We Are

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2007-06-30 10:17:38     
Article by Rev Michael Bresciani

The two party system in America has not been troublesome up to recent days for several reasons. Firstly, it was always taken for granted that the singular goal of each party was identical. That goal was doing what was best for the country. The only real difference between the partisans was how to accomplish that goal. The American public trusted that the goal was singular and pervasive in the minds of most of our statesmen and we trusted that they would work out the ways and means and the country would move forward at the end of the day. Why is this not the case today?

Why have the differences that could be used to stimulate debate and excite reason dissimulated. Now the differences are likely to create impassible chasms, picketing, upheaval, and riot. The answers are not out of reach but they are unlikely to be sounded much less heard.

Reason number one is that today we have more politicians than ever before but far fewer statesmen. If we are looking for a George Washington or an Abraham Lincoln in our ranks we will be disappointed. In fact just for looking you could be mocked and labeled as a sentimentalist who is wallowing around in nostalgia trying to rediscover the glory that was Rome but is of another day.

Another obvious reason is that the terms Democratic and Republican have been replaced in large part by the terms liberal and conservative respectively. Denotations have moved over for connotations in our perception. When speaking of America's perception of just about anything that is the place where reality is given its walking papers. Evidence of this is prevalent in the importance we now place on an individual's personal opinion rather than a discovery of the truth as it relates to us collectively. Fueled by the fall of personal responsibility and the rise of personal rights liberalism has a life of its own that emphasizes only our responsibility to get our own.

From Hollywood, media, academia, and pop culture, right down to the street, the tune we dance to is an anything goes personal freedom that can't be questioned as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. Gee, sounds like anarchy eh? Is liberalism anarchy? Tacitly it is but don't expect a liberal to admit to anything, which would be conservative.

Examples abound everywhere in American culture and attitude. Who would have thought the day would come when it would be less important to fight to flush out our enemies than to fight to flush our unborn children down the toilette. The Roe V. Wade battle has lasted over a generation and cost millions of lives but who is comparing that to a couple of years in Iraq and a few thousand lives? Again is this more of what makes the definition of incongruity? Perhaps it is closer to what makes the definition of ridiculous.

To avoid the tyranny of prosecuting those who don't have the right theology or faith in God we decided to let congress make no laws regarding religion. The connotation of that concept has also dissimulated to what is commonly referred to as "the separation of church and state." Even if we could live with the little twist to the actual law first presented in the constitution we cannot live with the connotations that have emerged and now cling to the original meaning like rocks in the pockets of a drowning man. Now it could safely be said that America has expanded on the concept of "separation of church and state." Now other separations are espoused and coddled more blatantly than may have ever been expected only a decade ago.

How about the separation of government and morality, the separation of political affiliation and character, the separation of life and death itself, sound harsh? It is but that is covered by the separation of hearing and learning or even seeing and believing. In the end it all leads to the separation of right and wrong. Sadly even the question about right and wrong in America is now being put up to the question of "who cares and who doesn't."

In a recent TV commercial the theme is a retired person who wants to fly rather than play shuffle board or some other dull activity. The presumption is that America will go on as usual and portfolios and personal security will swell to meet us in our golden years. Being the liberated people that this generation is we will jump in our piper cub or glider and take to the skies. Oh don't listen to those gloomy doomsayers who are predicting not so favorable weather, after all they are not "scientists" they are merely kooks, self recognized prognosticators or just plain loony. Between the immutable laws of reciprocity and whatever is left to good reason in this country it takes no prophet to see that we are more likely to sit down and cry than to stand up and fly.

Liberalism may seem like the way to go but history and even the most extravagant connotation of the word justice says otherwise. Sinking morality and rising world hatred of America is only the beginning not just of bible prophecy but of something far more fundamental and wholly irreversible. Put simply, which is probably far to complicated for the liberal mind, Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7

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