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             29 January, 2020

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I Resolve To - Consider A Different Kind Of New Year Resolution!

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2007-03-10 07:21:48     
Article by Kim Simpson

Not interested in making the 'standard' New Year resolution - you know the one straight off the list of resolutions that most folks 'make and fail to keep'? It's a very popular list: lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, stop drinking, pay of debt, and so on. While I applaud folks who make and keep these resolutions (they're 'good for you' after all), I know they're not everyone's 'cup of tea'. So why not brew a cup of tea that you'll actually want to drink in 2007?

Think outside the box! Try something different. If you're not ready to pursue that lifelong dream, start small - start with something that will give you momentum, then when you're feeling really inspired, passionate, and energetic, go for your dream! If you find yourself in this frame of mind, instead of making a resolution that is about 'you' - consider a resolution that will help others. In addition to making you feel great and lending someone else a needed 'helping hand', you'll be 'paying it forward' - good 'karma'! Consider the possibilities:

As old fashioned as it sounds, resolve to do something 'nice' once, or a few times, each and every day. Smile at strangers. Instead of speeding up when someone wants to merge into your lane on the highway, 'let them in'! Compliment a co-worker on his/her appearance. Listen without interrupting. Give your kid a big hug. Call a friend just to say 'hello'. Pick up litter that someone else carelessly tossed. Instead of talking, just listen
Volunteer for a cause about which you care deeply. Roll up your sleeves and donate your time several days each week. The need is great in every community. I guarantee, whatever your interest, there is an organization that needs your help. You don't need to be an expert. Most non-profit organizations are short on money, long on tasks - your assistance will be appreciated more than you know.
Call and/or visit an elderly relative. Offer to help - maybe a trip to the store, some 'elbow grease' around the house and yard - or just drop by for a friendly chat.
Say 'hello' and 'thank you' when you head to the store for milk and bread. You'll brighten someone's day.
Don't wait for the next holiday or birthday - call your family out of the blue just to tell them you care and you love them!
The list is endless. Consider 'paying it forward' just a little bit each and every day. You never know, it might rub off on someone else and give others inspiration and hope, and it just might become a Lifetime Resolution for you!

Remember: I Resolve To Achieve My New Year Resolutions, One Resolution, One Day At A Time For One Year. It's your choice. Do it today! Make your resolution a permanent Lifetime Dream, A Lifetime Resolution!

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