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             29 January, 2020

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Some Of The Reasons So Many Are Turning To XM Radio

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2006-12-16 23:43:26     
Article by Gregg Hall

Join the XM Radio revolution and get tuned into over 150 channels of music, entertainment programs, sporting events, news from around the world, local traffic and the latest weather information. With it's high quality sound, a variety of optional accessories to enhance your experience and industry-leading technology produced by companies like Sony, Pioneer and Alpine, it's time to get tuned in!


Do you like classical? Or do you prefer contemporary? Whatever you musical preference, XM Radio has a station for you. With 68 different channels to choose from, you can listen to music from the 1940s through the 1990s, today's top 20 hits, love songs, motion picture soundtracks, Broadway ballads and favorites from around the world. Like discovering new artists that aren't yet part of the mainstream? Try the Unsigned or the XMU station to get a glimpse of what might be tomorrow's next big thing. Wish you could experience that spirited jazz band without having to travel? Catch live music from Blue Note Club and B.B. King Club performances through the XM radio network. XM channels have the music for whatever your mood may be.

Entertainment Programs:

Only on XM Radio can you hear celebrities like Tom Petty, Snoop Dogg and Quincy Jones host on their own entertainment programs mixes of music, comedy and commentary. Further on down the dial, the appropriately-named High Voltage channel broadcasts uncensored humor from shock jocks Opie and Anthony and you can put your imagination to work listening to the Playboy station. A bit too outrageous for your taste? Chuckle as NPR's Bob Edwards gets his giggle on through the Public Radio frequency. XM Radio even has a family comedy channel suitable for listening by the entire household.

Sporting Events:

The last few seconds in any game can make or break the difference and the variety of sports channels on XM Radio makes sure you won't miss a minute. Cheer on your favorite college teams, race to hear the NASCAR channel, and head out to the ballgame with broadcasts from major league baseball's announcer booths. You'll score with XM’s extensive line up of sport and athletic programs.

News from Around the World:

Get news from across the nation on channels including the BBC World Service, C-Span, CNN Headline News, ABC News & Talk, Court TV, Fox News and more. Examine the E Entertainment channel for celebrity chatter, two ESPN stations for sport scores, and CNBC for money matters. If it's newsworthy, it's on XM.

Local Traffic and the Latest Weather Information:

Avoid road closures, collisions, and climate calamities with up to the minute traffic and weather reports. XM Radio simulcasts 22 channels of local traffic and weather to keep you current when you commute.

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