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             27 January, 2020

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Flying Stars Feng Shui for 2007 : Predictions & Remedies for Main Door Facing South West

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2006-12-13 00:23:32     
Article by Janarrdhana Guptha

Flying Stars or Fei Xing is a powerful form of Feng Shui derived from the famous Xuan Kong Fengshui. It is an Analysis of the Five Elements and Star Combinations (representing certain energy patterns) that occupy every building. Each new year these annual stars change, Qi (energy) shifts happen, bringing good and bad energy with them - thereby producing different effects.

In February 2004 all the Feng Shui Energy Patterns underwent huge transformations to the NewAge of Land Luck called Period 8 Energy Cycles. It means that a large scale evolution of the human race with completely new energy dynamics has started. The significance is that the new, vibrant energies of Period 8 impacts on the buildings differently than before and energies that were previously activated now need to be remedied, in order to reduce any bad effects from the past influences.

The Flying Stars Chart or the 9-Grid Meteor Plan for the Ding-Hai, Year of the Female Yin Red Fire Pig or Boar has been plotted and the effects of their energy patterns are analyzed. The analysis also contains suggested remedies/cures for reducing the impact of negative energy and recommended enhancers for increasing and improving upon the beneficial energy of the year.

For the remedies/enhancers to be effective, they should be cleansed, energised, blessed and programmed not only for the particular individual/family but also for the specific purpose/problem. They should also be placed in the indicated location.

The direction in which your main door lies is very important to any form of Geomancy, including Feng Shui & Vaastu Shashtra. The primary reason for this is that the air currents and energy flow in and flow out through the mouth of the main door. Thus you receive positive energy for the year, if the main door faces a direction of auspicious stars or meteors (powerful energy bodies) and receive negative energy for the year, if the main door faces a direction of evil stars or meteors. In case negative impacts are forecast, you can simply offset the negative energy by installing the recommended remedies there. Any or all of these remedies can be reused for the coming years, the only thing is that they should be repositioned according to the new year.

Please note that the effects may be felt in varying degrees depending upon the exact compass degree of the main door.


An year that brings in good wealth luck. Business persons will witness excellent growth and prosperity. Many will expand their ventures. Salaried workers will be blessed with promotions and monetary increments. Those related to the fields of medicine, metals and real estates will do better than others. Windfall luck is reasonably good and favours lottery and stock market transactions. Investments of the family will pay off and profits will build up. The fame of family will rise. The year favours the females of the household more.

However, there are indications of profit erosions too. Keep a set of 3 "Four Guardian Kings" Coins at home, to minimise the money loss. There could also be unhappy events like miscarriages and thefts.

Display the genuine, energised photographs of "Feng Ji, the 2007 TaiSui" and the "TaiSui Protection Talisman for 2007" in the North West and carry their miniature versions in your pocket or wallet, to minimise the negative impacts of the year.

Door Mat Colour for the Main Door : Red on the outside.


TaiSui, a very important aspect of Chinese Astrology, is popularly known as the Grand Duke of Jupiter. It is an intangible energy body of war-like nature that should not be disturbed. The TaiSui or the Year Authority is a commanding post that has total control over that particular year. The Chinese Lunar Year Cycle has 60 years and so there are 60 TaiSui, with every year having a different TaiSui. For 2007, "Feng Ji" is the TaiSui and he is situated at North West. Do not install any moving objects like Fish Aquariums or Water Fountains in North West, this year. Do not dig, construct, renovate, redecorate or repair in North West this year. Do not drill or even drive a nail in the North West wall. Do not shift or relocate to another place, this year. Do not chop trees. Display the genuine, energised photographs of "Feng Ji, the 2007 TaiSui" and the "TaiSui Protection Talisman for 2007" in the North West and carry their miniature versions in your pocket or wallet, to minimise the negative impacts of the year.

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