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             21 April, 2014
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Category:  Articles » Womens Interest


Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

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2006-12-11 23:54:36     
Article by Jennie Crawford

If you are a woman who wasn’t “blessed” with a normal sized chest, then you are aware of the self esteem issues that go along with having smaller breasts. I’m not going to get into a discussion of societies' views on breast size and whether or not it's okay to judge a woman’s appearance on the size of her breasts. I don’t think it's okay to do that. But everyone does.

Women are the biggest offenders of this. I read somewhere once that when women get dressed up to go out, they don’t dress for the men who will see them. Impressing them isn’t nearly as important as impressing the other women who will be there. I think that is SO true. If you are a women, you know that you always want to be the best dressed woman at the party. When you arrive, you look around to see what the other women are wearing, not the men.

And when a woman has smaller then usual breasts, its noticed almost as much as when a woman has larger then normal breasts. Women on both ends of the spectrum wish that they just had normal breasts.

Surgery of course can correct both issues. But surgery can be scary. And expensive. Its not an option for all women. Some simply can’t afford it. Or to others, the risks are not worth the benefits. For those with larger then normal breasts, the only option other then a surgical reduction is to lose weight and see if that helps. Many women report that when they go on a diet, they lose weight. If you are one of the “unfortunate” one to just be naturally blessed with large breasts and weight is not an issue, your only option is surgery. Brest reduction simply isn’t possible any other way.

If you are flat chested however and wish to change your bra size naturally, there is an option available to you. It is possible to increase your breast size naturally with herbs and supplements and special exercises. Its important to get your doctors permission be fore starting any supplement diet, but the herbs involved have all been tested and shown to be safe. They work be creating the same hormonal balance that was present during puberty when your breast were first beginning to grow. Many women have has success with this process.

If you are looking for a all natural way to increase your breast size, it is possible. Make sure you do your research and check with your doctor before starting any supplement program.

Specialized in: Surgery
URL: http://www.jenniecrawford.com
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